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The Face Yoga is a blend of yoga-like body postures and facial expressions that will improve your appearance and build up your overall sense of well-being.

The Face Yoga is a unique technique  to turn back the clock.

It focuses on your facial movements and expressions and teaches you how to exercises your face muscles to create a firmer, more sculpted face line. And since conscious breathing has been known to help increase blood flow to the skin, it also encourages deep breathing techniques.

With regular practice, you will notice that your expressions will change and any stress lines on your face will start to smooth out. The end result is younger, radiant, glowing skin, a greater sense of self -confidence, and new awareness from the inside out. So just like yoga, the ultimate goal of the Face Yoga is self-realization.

Yoga at Home
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Face Yoga can solve negative changes in your face such as unwanted wrinkle, smaller eyes, droopy eyelids and Nasolabial folds getting longer and deeper and more. And also you can improve your body posture and awareness of unconscious expression you make repeatedly.


All you need is 5-10 mins twice a day for face yoga method exercises in front of mirror. Once you are getting used  to do exercises correctly, then you can do that anywhere you like, for example, in a car, in a bathroom or during cooking.


Face Yoga exercise gives more oxygen travels throughout your body and to your brain so you are focused and clear and more relaxed. 

As a mental benefits, you have more self- control, more self- confidence, self- realization, self -acceptance, self-love and you feel more confident when speaking.

As a physical benefits, you have improved complexion, higher, more defined cheeks, less droopy eyelids, reduced forehead lines and more.

Face Yoga Benefits

  • More oxygen to the face & brain

  • Clarity in mind & skin tone

  • Relaxed face & body

  • Self control over facial & body movements 

  • Self confident & empowered because you did the work to get the results 

  • More control of muscles that are used for speech & singing

  • Better circulation

  • Higher, more defined cheeks

  • Plumper lips

  • Bigger more wide open eyes

  • Less droopy eyelids

  • More symmetrical face

  • Firmer face

  • Reduced forehead lines 

  • Reduced lines around the mouth

  • Reduced double chin

  • More defined face

  • Reduced crow’s feet & lines around the eyes

  • Reduced puffiness around eyes

  • Reduced dark circles around eyes

  • Reduced frown lines

  • Reduced puffiness in face

  • More even skin tone & complexion

  • Smoother skin

  • Defined jawline

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