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I am my own testimonial. I started face yoga method 2 times a day. After 4 months of face yoga exercises,  the changes are remarkable.

Akiko from Face Yoga Melbourne. (40 years old)


Tamara "You made such a big improvement with your skin, you look so fresh and toned its nearly unbelievable...if I hadn't known you and Face yoga I would not believe it's the same person!!"

Alice "Looking lovely.. before and after. But now you look less tired and even younger"

Soraya "You look younger, refreshed and so much more relaxed!"

Fumiko "your beautiful cheeks are tighter and higher! I loved your fuller cheeks but I also love your new cheeks ❤️ Great job!"

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February and April 2019


© 2020 all rights reserved

 I am very happy with the changes. The tip of my nose had an inclination to the right which made one of the holes in my nose smaller, now they are more asymmetrical. Other changes are the wrinkles under my eyes, also on the sides of my mouth and finally a marked horizontal line is erasing. I am inspired ... 

💪I practice all the times that i can in the day these postures:
- Forehead tapping
- Eye flex W/H
- Eye bag toner W/H
- Under eye smoother W/H
- Lip smoother W/H
- Smackreroo W/H
- big O w/h all the time 
- Nasilabial folds Lift up W/h
- Rolly Poly hands free 




© 2020 all rights reserved

Good blood circulation is a key factor in achieving results with Face Yoga exercises.


This Thermography photo shows the amount of heat radiating in the face and neck after doing just one pose for three sets of ten seconds each.

In total of 30 seconds of doing face yoga exercise!


© 2020 all rights reserved


© 2020 all rights reserved

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