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Face Yoga Melbourne 

Minus 5 years younger naturally
​Face Shift, Life Shift



I am a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher.

A few years ago, I came across this face yoga on Japanese TV program. I tried it at the same time and noticed some changes so I became more curious what Face Yoga Method is about. However, I was too busy  to take care of my baby at the time and forgot about it.


Now my daughters became 3 and 5 years old and I saw my face and body finally. I was shocked to see totally different body and face shape.


I was so much frustrated to myself, children and husband after giving birth then I became depressed. In order to change myself I have studied how to raise children and doing psychologist therapy. Both are great but remain my unhappy face with me. Therefore I started to be more interested in this face yoga method seriously.

When I started face yoga everyday, I felt more positive and fresh even though my face was not changing yet. So I realized that face yoga is not only doing face muscles exercise. It affected my emotional well being too. And I decided to be a certified face yoga method teacher.

After 4 months of practicing face yoga method, the change I got was fantastic. You can see the photo on before and after section. 

Even though I have been having bad eczema since my childhood, my skin condition on my face has been improved really well too.

My background in Occupational therapist for many years, my passion is not only creating customized exercise for changing our face but also lifting up self- esteem and more positive and loving ourselves.

I am looking forward to seeing you at 

one on one consultation in person or via Online(Zoom).


Occupational therapist 

certified face yoga method teacher

You deserve the time for yourself.


Your smile makes your family and those around you happy

Akiko's class was calm, very structure, well coordinated, friendly, easy to follow instruction and informative about how face muscle works. I learn a lot about the logic behind it and feel excited we can use techniques to improve our face muscle.
Wai yee
Yoga at Home

​Published by Sunday Life Magazine
(The Age)

I was interviewed by Sunday Life Magazine in 2021.You can read the article below button.

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